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Ready to 10X your business and leave your competitors in the dust? Get ahead of the game and dominate with our game changing logo projector! Ignite attention-grabbing glows that leave a lasting impact. Stand out, get noticed, and conquer your market. Elevate your brand presence and leave competitors in awe. It’s time to glow and conquer!
Waterproof – Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor


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Your Customers Need to Notice You!

If your customers aren’t noticing you, then they’re noticing your competitors. Our logo projector can help bring that WOW factor to your business.

Stand Out, Crush Competitors

In a sea of mediocrity, being remarkable is your ticket to success. The Logo Projector catapults your brand to the forefront, ensuring you shine above the competition. With a striking display of your logo, you’ll establish a commanding presence and establish your business as the go-to destination in your industry. Get ready to leave your competitors in the dust.

Unlesh The Power

In a hyper-competitive world, blending in is not an option. It's time to seize the spotlight and dominate your market.

Create the Buzz

Imagine the buzz and excitement as customers are drawn to your business, intrigued by the mesmerizing logo projections.

Be Unforgettable

Turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of your brand. Transform your storefront, event venue, or trade show booth

"Looking to take your store to next level and blow away your competition, start glowing your logo"
Miles Stephenson
"This is the secret to growing your customers, and getting people talking about your business"
Tom Garcia

Use it in Different Scenarios

Some of our Glowing Customers

Glow Your Logo At The Size You Choose!

Logo Projection Size

Maximum Size: 360cm

Our logo projector delivers impressive visuals that adapt to your specific needs. The maximum projection size is an impressive 300cm, allowing your logo to command attention. To determine the logo size for your desired projection distance, simply follow this easy formula:

For every 1m of distance between the projector and the surface, you’ll achieve 30cm logo projection size.


If you place the projector 3m away from the surface, your logo will be projected at a size of 90cm, creating a bold and eye-catching display.
Adjust the distance as needed to achieve the ideal logo projection size that suits your venue or event. Whether it’s a grand-scale projection or a more intimate display, our logo projector ensures your brand shines brilliantly, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Whats in the Box?


12 Months Warranty

How Many Watt Projector Do I Need?

We do a variety of Logo Projectors, and you may not know which one you want to go for. To give you a simple explanation the higher the watt, the more brighter the Logo and bigger the size. It all depends on your individual scenario as to where you will place your projector, we have made a quick guide to which one we recommend for each scenario. The most popular is the 100W as it can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. 

Power Scenario
50 Watt
6000 Lumens
View Projector
  • Indoor (Low Light)
  • Outdoor (Dark Spaces/Evening)
  • Shining onto a Table/Bar
  • Indoor Wall
  • Max Projection Size: 300cm
  • 100 Watt
    11000 Lumens
    View Projector
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor (Can Work Daytime without Direct Sunlight)
  • Shining on Outdoor Walls/Building
  • Indoor Exhibitions
  • Max Projection Size: 360cm
  • 150 Watt
    16000 Lumens
    View Projector
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor (Can Work Daytime without Direct Sunlight)
  • Shining on Outdoor Walls/Building
  • Concerts/Exhibitions
  • Open Areas (Fields/Outdoor Activities)
  • Max Projection Size: 450cm
  • 200 Watt
    21000 Lumens
    View Projector
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor (Can Work Daytime without Direct Sunlight)
  • Shining on Outdoor Walls/Building
  • Concerts/Exhibitions
  • Open Areas (Fields/Outdoor Activities/Theme Parks)
  • Max Projection Size: 740cm
  • Power

    100 Watt LED Light Source


    11000 Lumens

    Waterproof Grading


    Power Supply

    AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption


    Projector Dimensions

    Approx 23.5cm x 19.8cm x 11.9cm



    Quick Features

    Wired, Remote Control, Built in Fan, Static and Spinning Logo


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